Nick Luscombe : Sound Journeys

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London and Tokyo - based BBC broadcaster, radio producer, soundscape artist and sound and music collector, Nick Luscombe, has been described as a “restless musical soul”, reflected in his much-loved art/music show, Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 and the long-running Flomotion / New Ratio radio shows which he has expertly selected for over 20 years currently broadcasting via new Tokyo innovation startup hub radio station, CIC Live.


Nick is a fellow of the Royal Society of Art and serves on the board of the organisation in Japan.


Nick is the founder and Creative Director of MSCTY, the leading agency for sound / music + architecture, with a series of produced work and events across Asia and Europe. He is also one of the co-founders of Otocare, a collaborative project with the University of Tokyo, exploring the connections between sound and wellbeing.


His previous roles include Director of Music at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and a senior editorial role at iTunes.