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Nick Luscombe specializes in just the kind of ambience we all need. The Japan Times 2021

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Photo Credit : Sam King

I'm a London + Tokyo based broadcaster, radio producer, soundscape artist and sound / music collector. UK music magazine Straight No Chaser once referred to me as a "restless musical soul"  -which is spot on.

I've been working in all things audio for quite some time now - for the BBC as a sound engineer, radio producer and presenter, as chief music editor at iTunes, and as an A&R consultant, playlist and album compiler for British and Japanese record labels. Since 2010 I have been producing soundscapes and music written and recorded for spaces and places.


I was recently interviewed by the Japan Times, and during the process of answering questions realised that whereas I previously thought of the various strands of my work as separate projects, they were, in fact,  all merged as part of my creative practice MSCTY, which allows me to curate, collaborate, produce and share sound + music, while investigating the relationship between the auditory and the physical world. 


My role as music selector and broadcaster for BBC Radio 3, XFM, CIC Live, Inter FM, BBC 6 Music and the BBC World Service collides perfectly with my research partnership with the University of Tokyo as we work to unravel the relationships between sound and wellbeing. This in turn connects with my passion for field recording and soundscape creation through my own work and my Fieldwave compilation series, which features fellow location recordists. My years of DJing have helped me to appreciate the importance of sound and space, and how people interact within the architecture of a dedicated soundspace.

Through MSCTY, I am able to absorb, learn and present new outputs and collaborative creative responses via narrowcast / broadcast media and online and real world digital activity.



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