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Selected Sound Works

Monomachi Theme  (Monomachi, Taito District, Tokyo 2014)

Thames Reflections  (London 2014)

Martinu Remixed - Live performance with Michael Ladouceur + Steve Hellier (Czech Centre, London 2015)

The Deed and Prosper  - Sound Installation with Steve Hellier (Museum of London 2016) 

Japan Sound Portrait 7 - Field recording collage (2016)  

Japan Sound Portrait Indication 1.0 - Sound collage (USB 2016)

Japan Sound Portrait Indication 1.1 - Sound collage (USB 2016)

Worm - Residency and performance with Steve Hellier (Rotterdam 2017)

Japan Sound Portrait - Live performance (Anyoin Temple, Tokyo 2017)

Japanese Journey - Sound collage commission  (BBC Radio 3 2018)

Baitasi Drift - Beijing sound collage (MSCTY x British Council Beijing 2018) 

Shanghai Blue - Shanghai sound collage with Midori Komachi (MSCTY x British Council Shanghai 2018)

Ginza​/​Shinjuku -Tokyo Soundwalk (Flaming Pines 2019)

Japan Sound Scenes (Seventeen Gallery, London 2020)

Tokyo Birdsong (Fieldwave Volume 1, Nonclassical 2020)

Otocare Scene 1 - Sound and music collaboration with Ski Oakenful (Otocare 2020)

Otocare Scene 2 - Sound and music collaboration with Midori Komachi (Otocare 2020)

Tokyo TR (Fieldwave Volume 2, Nonclassical 2021)

Sound of the City (OPPO 2021)

Oya - Sound installation with James Greer commissioned by Utsunomiya City (MSCTY 2021)

Memu Earth Lab - Soundtrack for Hills Life / University of Tokyo short film (Tokyo 2021)

Japan Winter - Sound collage commission for BBC Radio 3 (BBC Radio 3 2022) 

National Trust, Emmetts Garden - Sound commissions for Fantastic Fungi Festival (MSCTY 2022)  

Mori No Oto - Sound commission for Wonderfruit Festival (MSCTY 2022) 

Sculpture in the City - Soundscape for Leadenhall Building, City of London (MSCTY 2023) 

MSCTY x Nihonbashi - Series of sound commissions for Tokyo Biennale 2023 (MSCTY 2023)

MSCTY x Urawa  - Soundscape project with Urawa and Kuma Lab, University of Tokyo (MSCTY 20239

Bamboo Beat  - Sound Installation and Live Performance at Wakayama Farm as MSCTY Studio (MSCTY 2023)

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